The Cook's Book

Your Guide to Mastering Cooking with Joy and Confidence.

Recipes for Keeps and Essential Techniques to Master Everyday Cooking

You don't need any other book. Call off the search. 

"Everything you ever wanted to know about cooking and being generally delighted in the kitchen is inside the pages of The Cook's Book."

- Jen Hatmaker

New York Times bestselling author of Feed These People and host of the For the Love


The Cook's Book is delightfully unique, full of delicious recipes you expect from a cookbook but with a comprehensive cooking course built right in.

- Kendra Adachi

author of the New York Times bestsellers The Lazy Genius Kitchen and The Lazy Genius Way

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Why the Cook’s Book?

More than just a collection of recipes, The Cook's Book is your ultimate kitchen companion. Filled with engaging lessons, techniques, and strategies--as well as delicious go-to recipes, food and wine pairings, and a beginner’s bar cart guide--this resource teaches you what you need to know to create and share great food with the people you love every day.

Who is the Cook’s Book for...

Perfect for graduates, newlyweds, new homeowners, and new parents. Strap on an apron and get ready for flavorful meals with fabulous company.

These people are everyday home cook’s who have tried my recipes and here is what they have to say:

“Another Bri recipe in the books! You are an incredible recipe developer. My family has loved every recipe I’ve made from you.”

“My family loves it when I tell them I am going to try another one of your recipes!”

 “Probably some of the best recipes I’ve made.”

Learn How To:

  • add flavor to any dish
  • stock your pantry
  • care for your knives
  • make sauces and soups from scratch
  • cook flavorful, juicy meats
  • pick the perfect side dish
  • stock a basic bar cart


  • go-to recipes
  • must-have kitchen tools
  • flavor layering techniques
  • delicious food and wine pairings
  • sensible solutions to common problems

Cover Essential Topics Like:

  • The Science of a Sauce
  • Cooking Methods for Meat
  • There's a Knife for That
  • The Red Wine Guide

Get to know me

I’m an accidental homecook turned food blogger, kitchen teacher, and cookbook author.

My love for gathering around a table pushed me to become a more confident home cook so I can effortlessly bring delicious meals together and focus on what really matters, being with my people and keeping my joy. 

My recipes, live cooking classes, and food and wine pairing courses have helped thousands of homecooks become more confident in the kitchen. 

My superpower is not just in serving you delicious recipes but to also teach some of the best kitchen skills there are so you can experience joy in your kitchen and find confidence while bringing meals together. 

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